For a sustainable future

Our understanding of sustainability is based on the principles of corporate responsibility. This understanding is primarily based on the preservation of natural, social and economic resources. Here, environmental protection, economic efficiency and social responsibility should be combined in such a way that when decisions are made, these are sustainable, taking all three of these aspects into account. Our society is undergoing enormous change. We also have a responsibility here.

In the future, sustainability will be something that we focus on even more intensively at our site, in our services and products, and in our day-to-day work. We want to integrate more sustainable solutions into our inspection processes and business models. This is how we continue to guarantee the success of our company, create new business opportunities and establish ourselves as an important partner at our customers’ sides.

GLOBUS goes green

‘Go green’ is also the motto when it comes to the vehicle fleet. Step by step, GLOBUS is using more resource-saving drive types and more sustainable energy production for its vehicles in order to reduce its carbon footprint.


GLOBUS turns to LED

The production facilities and offices at our sites are all equipped with energy-saving, modern LED lighting systems. This saves energy and promotes sustainability. Well-lit workplaces are mainly for employee health and safety, because the right lighting reduces tiredness, increases concentration and prevents accidents.